The Single Mother’s Alliance is a membership-based non-profit of female and gender-diverse lone-caregivers raising children in communities throughout BC.  Our mission is to alleviate the poverty experienced by female and gender-diverse lone-caregivers in the province and the children they care for. Our members and participants reside in 41 diverse locations in the province, including cities, towns, and rural and remote locations. 

We carry out our mandate through participatory action research into policy solutions and raising public awareness about the importance of a public policy approach. We advocate for law and policy reform and lobby government to implement policy solutions. 

As of 2019, there were 156,560 children living in poverty in BC. Over half of these children, 83,080 of them, are raised in predominantly female lone-parent households. An alarming 78% of children living on welfare in BC are in predominantly female-led lone-parent homes.  

Since SMA was founded in 2014, our work has been defined by our grassroots organizing model. We strive to employ an anti-oppression and decolonizing approach to all we do. We believe strongly that our members and participants are skilled leaders. As an organization, we are passionate about providing lone-caregivers with access to tools for impacting change, capacity building and building collective power.

Statistics on child poverty quoted here care of First Call's 25th Child Poverty Report Card

Thank you to our generous funders without whom we would not be able to do our work.

The Single Mothers' Alliance acknowledges the financial support of Women and Gender Equality Canada.