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The Single Mothers' Alliance is also seeking impact stories and statements on the following topics as of May 2018:

Canada Child Tax Benefit Impact Stories:

The Canada Child Tax is the monthly child benefit provided by by the federal government. If you use direct deposit, it is likely deposited right into your account. As you may know, the amount was increased since our change in federal government and we know it has greatly impacted child poverty, but we need to know HOW and gather specific examples and learn more about the positive impact overall.

SMA is seeking stories about the impact this increase has had on the lives of single mothers living below the poverty line, and other families in poverty as well.

What impact does the CCTB have on your life each month? What has been the impact of the increase?

Are there things you now do, or have, that you would not do or have if it were not for the CCTB?

What is the impact of the CCTB on your children?

Please email with your stories and answers.

If you wish to remain anonymous that is fine, we will not attach your name to any input you provide.

Lack of Affordable Transit Stories:

We are gathering stories on the impact of lack of affordable transit on single mothers and their children, plus low income families, adults, and youth. We are keen to hear impact stories from through-out Vancouver, Metro Vancouver, and also across the province.

How has lack of access to public transit impacted your life and the lives of your children? How has it impacted your social life, work life, access to recreational activities, and overall health, safety and well-being?

If you have teenagers, how has it impacted them? 

What are some specific examples of the impacts? 

The Single Mothers' Alliance is advocating for free transit for all children and youth 0-18, and a low income pass for all low income adults that is based on income. 

Please email with your stories and answers.

If you wish to remain anonymous that is fine, we will not attach your name to any input you provide.

Thank you very much! Your input and impact stories and statement will impact work we are developing to make positive changes on these fronts for single mothers and other families, children, youth and adults in poverty. Your participation and willingness to share is fantastic, valuable, and hugely appreciated! 

Warm regards,

SMA Coordinating Committee



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  • Amanda Smith
    commented 2019-02-21 12:15:16 -0800
    Last August, I contacted our local municipal representatives and BC Transit to advocate for public transit to the Food Bank and to followup on a 2016 letter written by a seniors’ advocacy group on behalf of their clients for the same request. I was told it may be considered in 2020.

    The lack of public transit to the Food Bank is a disservice to the entire community. The Food Bank is located right next to Family Services, the Adult Learning Centre, and the Waichay Friendship Centre who provide more than 50 programs and services to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

    Communities need to make public transit a priority.