The Single Mothers' Alliance BC is a grassroots non-profit created and organized by lone-mothers for lone-mothers in BC. 

Incorporated as a non-profit in 2014, the SMA is an alliance of a broad diversity of women, and those who identify as women, living in communities large and small throughout BC.

We connect across our unique identities and diverse experiences to find common ground, build community, and advocate for change, for ourselves and for our children. 

We aim to: 

Build and support a connected, thriving community of lone-mothers throughout BC. 

Facilitate educational opportunities and access to tools for lone-mothers to build capacity to organize and advocate for change.  

Conduct public policy advocacy to end poverty and discrimination impacting lone-mother led families in BC.  

We aim to end our poverty, decrease income inequality, and achieve the full health and well-being of our families. 

       We officially endorse the $10 A Day Child Care Plan for BC.