Our Board

Leila Trickey - Co-chair/President

Leila Trickey is committed to dismantling systems of oppression through intersectional research methodologies, policy advocacy, and equitable community and health practice. She also sits on the Board of Collingwood Neighbourhood House (CNH), where she serves as President, on RISE Community Health Centre’s Advisory Committee, and CNH’s Anti-Racism and Equity Committee (AR&E). Leila is currently a Community Engagement Specialist with United Way British Columbia’s Hi Neighbour initiative and the loving mother of Sahel.  

Andii Stephens - Co-chair/Vice President/Co-Secretary

Andii Stephens is an advocate for human rights and social justice. As a union employee (BCGEU) championing worker’s rights, she’s also involved in her own union, MoveUP, as a member of the Women’s & Gender Rights Committee, Political Action Committee, and as the Returning Officer.​ Andii’s social sciences background informs her passion for equity and community involvement with a compassionate and critical lens. She actively advocates on women’s issues, including affordable housing and childcare. Her research interests include unpaid reproductive labour, the precarity of work for immigrant and migrant workers, and the representation of women in the workforce. Andii is a single mom to a young boy learning the value of feminism. She has been a member of SMA for two years. 

Mai Eagle Speaker - Co-secretary

Mai Eagle Speaker is a mother of four, she is also the caregiver of her niece and nephew. Her father is from southern Vietnam and her mother is Blackfoot from Kainai Nation (the Blood Tribe) in southern Alberta. Mai has faced many adversities growing up in East Vancouver. Mai is deeply impacted by intergenerational trauma, abuse, neglect discrimination, grief, loss, and was also a child in care. Despite all that, she has gained valuable employment experience demonstrating commitment to supporting Indigenous and other marginalized populations over the past seven years of her career, excelling in leadership and supportive roles with MCFD Maples Adolescent Treatment centre, YWCA’s Crabtree Corner, Strive living society, and the Aboriginal Mother Centre Society. In her personal and professional experience, she has developed a strong understanding of the challenges facing those with FASD, other cognitive disabilities and mental health. Mai is a passionate advocate for Indigenous people, justice and social equality. Today Mai works at Xyolhemeylh Fraser Valley Aboriginal Children and Family Services Society as a Family Cultural Connections Worker. Mai has been an SMA member for five years. 

Erin Arnold - Treasurer

Erin Arnold has worked for various ministries since 1998 including the Attorney General, Public Safety and Solicitor General, Children and Family Development and Public Services Agency of BC. Erin holds a graduate certificate in complex trauma and child sexual abuse intervention, a undergraduate degree in Child and Youth Care Counselling and has over 18 years of facilitation, victim services and trauma-based work experience. Erin has managed multi-year government contracts, organized and executed large public events and assisted in drafting public policy on various progressive issues. Erin is passionate about volunteering in her community and has done so in a variety of capacities. Key areas of interest are women’s rights, maternal mental health, trauma informed programs and refugee services. Erin holds various board positions on subjects ranging from public education, mental health, global education, various levels of politics etc. Erin is a mother, leader, survivor, social justice advocate and change maker. Erin hopes to continue to bring compassion and empowerment to her role with SMA. Erin has been a SMA member for five years.