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About SMA Membership  

There are two ways to remain engaged and involved with SMA on an ongoing basis. Both forms of engagement offer access to all SMA opportunities, programs and initiatives. We look forward to getting to know you!   

Join SMA as a Participant  

If you are not interested in being an official member of SMA you can remain engaged as a participant. Both participants and members can access everything SMA has to offer, including peer researcher role openings, listening campaigns, programs, workshops, and campaign-related opportunities. However, participants cannot vote, attend the annual AGM and are not eligible for nomination to the board of directors.  

You will remain on our participants email list until you opt out of email communications or inform us directly that you wish to be removed. All participants will receive regular email communications from SMA the same as members. We do not collect the addresses or phone numbers of those who wish to be SMA participants.   

To join as a participant please click here

Join SMA as a Member  

Membership in SMA means you can vote, and attend the AGM and you are eligible to run for the board of directors. Remaining a member in good standing requires that you: 

  • Provide and confirm your name, phone number, address, and email address when you apply and confirm your membership each year.  

  • Fill in our basic info survey every year you are a member.

To apply for SMA membership please click here

Our annual membership renewal process takes place in February. If your membership lapses and we have not heard from you but you have not opted out of email communications, we will shift you to our participants list until you opt out or we hear from you. You can apply for membership anytime. 

The SMA membership link will re-open after our 2022 AGM in November. Thank you.

Can I switch between being a member and a participant? 

If you are a member and wish to switch to being a participant, just let us know and we will cancel your membership. If you choose to be a participant and wish to become a member, you are welcome to apply to become a full member anytime during the year. 

Further Information and Resources for SMA Members and Participants 

To view our Privacy Policy please click here. 

To view our Consolidated Constitution and By-laws please click here

Find out more about how our Legal Aid Test Case impacts members here.

For more information about SMA membership please email staff member Vibusha Madanayake at [email protected]

Thank you for your interest in joining the Single Mothers' Alliance.