The Listening Project

The SMA Listening Project brought key issues to our attention which we will work on moving forward. We identified 7 key areas for change. We will work on one key area at a time. Our campaign priority areas right now are legal aid and affordable transit. 

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Our year long Listening Project wrapped up at the end of June 2015, along with our first full year as an organization. Our volunteers are now transcribing the data and we will post information on the first 'discernment' meeting soon, where we work together to look at the information gathered and identify the key themes that emerge from these excellent sessions. It was a slow way to start the work of our organization, but extremely valuable and worth the time, as we had the chance to hear from so many mothers with so much to say, and collected stories that will impact SMA's work for a long time to come.

Thank you so much to all the different wonderful mothers who took time out of their busy schedules to join us the last Tuesday of the month, for 8 months! Also thank you to all those who joined us via phone and email from around the province, and to our members around BC who helped share the project. Everybody brought powerful testimony, and opened their hearts and lives to share their personal stories with SMA so that we can collectively identify the change we need. We thank you all very much for your dedication and contribution to the project.








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