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Thank you for your support for the Single Mothers' Alliance.

This payment page is for those who wish to make a financial contribution to SMA.

Suggested initial support for SMA: $60.00 with a sliding scale down to $5.00.

Please note that we are an incorporated non-profit, not a charity, and we cannot issue charitable tax receipts. 

We greatly appreciate your support for our alliance and our passionate work to end gender inequality and lone-mother poverty in BC.

Who's donating

Vancity Community Foundation
caitlin bryant
Stephen Elliott-Buckley
Stephen Elliott-Buckley
Brent Lavery
Austin Penner
Anna Kemp
Maria Fe Infante
Jayme Tauber
Nicole Gregoire
Joey Hoegg
Jessica Olsen
Kerstin Bell
Anne Maniam
Jennifer Sekikawa
Judy Hoffman
Andrea Wesley
Kati York
Laurel McBride
Jeanette oostlander
Maria Montgomery
Ana Vargas
Klara Jahrig
Samantha Grey
Ashleigh Stewart
Leanne Sampson
Samantha Magnus
Cedar Thokme
Laurie L/T Edberg
Contributions are not tax deductible.