Legal Aid Listening Campaign: Open Now

Share Your Story of Legal Aid With SMA

An Opportunity to Impact Lasting Change

SMA is holding a Listening Campaign on legal aid. We would love the opportunity to hear your story, whatever it may be. Please contact to get in touch regarding sharing your story for our LA Listening Campaign. 

We are interested in hearing from:

  • Women/mothers who escaped domestic violence, and applied for legal aid, whether you did, or did not receive legal aid.

  • We are very keen to hear from those who escaped domestic violence, applied for legal aid, and were rejected due to the threshold limits.

  • If you did receive legal aid, we want to find out how it worked out for you. Was it enough? Did it work for you? What was the impact? What do you want to share about your experience in order to make it better for all women?

Overall, we want to know how your experience of legal aid--whether you received it or not--impacted your life, the lives of your children, and your total journey through the family law system.

Everything you share will be kept completely confidential--please contact us for more information regarding the details behind the LA Listening Campaign. 

What Impact Will Sharing My Story Have?

Sharing your impact story with SMA for this campaign is an opportunity to truly impact real change in relation to legal aid, for the whole province of BC. We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for your interest. 

Due to the highly confidential nature of women's experiences with legal aid and our family law system, this campaign will not be held in group sessions. We will coordinate one-on-one meetings with our Legal Aid Listening Campaign facilitators. 

Please do not email your story or personal information about your experience directly to SMA right away, we wish to protect your confidentiality. If you wish to share your story, please email the address below with your name, contact information including phone number if possible, email address, and the best times to reach you. Thanks!

PLEASE EMAIL for more information on setting up a private meeting to share your story.

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you. 

If you are interested in more detailed information on experiences we wish to learn more about, please read below:

Further information on LA Listening Campaign participant criteria that fits:

  • Women who are/were unable to afford a lawyer and are/were financially ineligible for legal aid
  • Women who were previously represented by a lawyer, but ran out of money for legal services before they feel that their case was stabilized and who are/were financially ineligible for legal aid
  • Women who were successful in getting legal aid, but the hours funded by legal aid were insufficient to resolve the major legal issues in their cases, especially legal issues regarding parenting and/or safety concerns
  • Women who were successful in getting legal aid, but the hours funded by legal aid were insufficient to achieve even a stabilizing interim order, particularly in respect of parenting and/or safety concern.

Further types of experiences we wish to learn more about:

  • Whether women were self-representing at some point in the case
  • Whether women gave up fighting the case as a whole or some crucial part of it and why 
  • Whether women felt their own safety or safety of their children was affected because of the way in which Legal Services Society dealt with their file (i.e., put women in a less safe situation by resolving only part of a larger case, etc.)
  • Any circumstances which made obtaining a lawyer, working with a legal aid lawyer and/or generally getting proper help more difficult (i.e., language skills, being differently abled, immigration status, etc.)
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    Legal Aid Listening Campaign: Share Your Story

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