Let's Raise Our Collective Voice

"I encourage agitation on behalf of single mothers. If we believe in the liberation of women, we have to be the best, most vocal, most imaginative defenders of the rights of the poorest single mothers, because their liberty is liberty for us all."

                                       --Human rights activist & feminist Shelagh Day

All the tools we need to conduct campaigns of all shapes and scales, whether civic, regional, or provincial, are here in the SMA website.  

As single mothers living in BC, our poverty rate is alarming.

Charitable organizations house, clothe, and feed us, and our children. Our lives, more often than not, are defined by hand-outs, hand-me-downs, subsidies, and government assistance.

Our dependency on charity is disheartening and unjust. BC's broken social safety net perpetuates our poverty. Beneath the weight of our poverty many of us remain disempowered, isolated, and voiceless. 

In order to move our children out of poverty, our vision must be greater than advocating for ‘more scraps’ that minimally lessen our children’s poverty. We need to work towards systemic change and the full health and well-being of ourselves and our children.  

SMA builds connectedness among single mothers, and provides tools to facilitate dialogue and advocate for a BC where all women and all children, regardless of their family class, develop, thrive and learn to the fullest extent possible. This is our children's right, and we must ensure it is fulfilled. 

To learn more and/or sign up for a spot in a session, please email [email protected] 















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