Justice Unbarred

The Single Mothers' Alliance is the primary litigant in a charter challenge regarding access to justice in family law for survivors of gender-based violence. For more information about Single Mothers' Alliance v BC please click here.

Our Recommendations:

  1. Increase funding for family law legal aid, raise the income cut-off for eligibility, and significantly increase the number of hours available per case. 
  2. Fund and implement comprehensive, community-based, wrap-around supports with no time limits for those escaping gender-based family violence. 
  3. Develop a framework and model for implementing domestic violence courts (DVCs) in BC and design a pilot project to immediately test the model. 
  4. Provide an initial lump sum payment equivalent to four months of income assistance for all those escaping gender-based family violence when they apply for assistance, and exempt them from the Expected to Work category for one year as recommended in the Expert Panel on Basic Income report
  5. Reduce the number of homicides of women and children as a result of gender-based domestic violence 50% by 2024.